Career at SETG

The following positions are vacant:

Shunter (m/f/d)   -> Details

Locomotive Driver ER-20, G1700 (m/f/d)   -> Details

Locomotive Driver V100 Region Harz D (m/f/d)   -> Details

Locomotive Driver Cat. B2 (m/f/d)   -> Details

Wagon Inspector G / Shunter (m/f/d)   -> Details

Wagen Inspector Austria (m/f/d)   -> Details

The following apprenticeships are available:

Training as a Shunter (m/f/d)   -> Details

Training as a Wagon Inspector in Germany & Austria (m/f/d)   -> Details

Training as a Locomotive Driver (Germany) (m/f/d)   -> Details


Thank you very much for your interest.

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